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Introduction to Certification activities and testing services for the Electrical and Electric Industry.


09 Aug 2013, 08:00


09 Aug 2013, 16:00


Hanoi, Vietnam

Prior to the development and fierce competition of the market, the manufacturing enterprises in general and the Electricity – Electronics Industry in particular has constantly improved productivity, cost savings, protection environment, and improve product quality in order to provide confidence to customers. The development and successful application of International Management System has contributed significantly to control and improve the problems of the Enterprise.
In Vietnam, the Electricity – Electronics Industry is booming in recent years, with the investment of foreign enterprise (FDI) and domestic enterprises, producing the product components and spare parts electronic circuit board as varied as the types, electronic circuit boards, electronic chips, inductor air conditioners, refrigerators, parts for mobile phone .... To enable Enterprise access to International Management Systems and Test Products service for Electrical and Electronics industry, SGS Vietnam Co., Ltd. held a seminar.