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Employees and external parties are encouraged to speak out and report any concerns or suspicion that the Code is being violated.

Cyber Security

Report a Violation

If you wish to ask a question or report a suspected violation of the Code, you can call the Integrity Helpline or file a written report online.

Report a Violation

We ensure that no-one faces any form of retaliation or adverse consequences for having sought advice or reported a violation of the Code.

When in doubt about the meaning of the Code or its application to specific circumstances, employees should discuss this with their supervisor or manager, the Human Resources department or with the SGS legal department. Employees can also discuss any matter relating to the Code with internal auditors.

If it is not possible or appropriate for an employee to address a concern with his or her line management, the SGS Chief Compliance Officer can always be contacted. Employees who become aware of a violation or suspected violation of the Code are encouraged to make a report to the SGS Chief Compliance Officer.

The Compliance team looks and deals only with genuine complaints: bad faith allegations, commercial claims, complaints not involving integrity issues and commercial enquiries will not be handled by the Compliance team. In addition, general concerns about management, specific issues about a manager, if unrelated to a breach of the Code, and salary disputes should be addressed in your country, either through your supervisor or manager, or through the HR team. If you are unsure about reporting a violation, you should proceed with the report using the guidance provided.